Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trailerpark Romance Radio Podcast

Our first podcast of the year with an interview with Blake Clayton THE podcasting god from the longest running podcast of it's kind- It Burns When I Pee. You can find his podcast and his other endeavors here

TrailerPark Romance Radio Podcast 1/13 by Whitetrashbarndance on Mixcloud

Play List= Billy Hood -Trailer Park Romance, Dead Ben Rooster -Jacob's Hill, Pine Mountain Wine Fountain , Smoke Stack and the Foothill Fury -Dust n Dirt bonus track, Dry County Drinkers -I'm in trouble, Calamity Cubes -Devil in her eyes, The Roadside Graves -Jenny Jump, Turnpike Troubadours -Gin & smoke & lies, Roy Dean -Roll the Dice, Drag the River -Medicine, Walker and the Texas Dangers -Face the Music, The Dirt Daubers -Wake up Sinners, The Hashknife Outfit -Sharpest Knife, The Devil's Cut -Bridge Jumping, Joshua Black Wilkins -Pictures on the wall, Joseph Huber -Tongues of Fire, The Pine Box Boys -Great Journey, Creech Hollar -Maggie Rose, RestAVrant -Joe D

Friday, December 14, 2012

Welcome to TrailerPark Romance Radio!

I'm your host, TawnyKay and you've surely met my handsome hunky co-host, The Hobo.

We have a live show on every Tuesday evening at Silentstormradio.com and we urge you with every fiber of our being to go check that site out. It is the only unaffiliated underground cross genre music station of it's kind that is home to country, roots, outlaw, rockabilly and punk. It's also completely owned and operated by the Christy family who handle everything on a working man's salary and do it strictly for the love of the music. Be a pal and stop on by, everytime a show goes live you can meet folks in the chat too...it's a good 'ol social time without even leaving your house or having to put pants on!

Now as you may know, Hobo is also the DJ on Silent Storm Radio who hosts "Hobo Hiatus" which is an hour of pure teeth gnashing punk rock.

We wanted to bring our little slice of fame and good times out of the trailer park and onto the internet so we decided to start this here blog which will feature a monthly podcast (look for that!) and the podcast will have interviews and reviews that we just aren't really able to do when we are running the show live over on the radio station.

There is so much love out there in this music scene and music culture, we feel so encouraged to turn that love and our love for each other into some romance radio that can seduce your ears and make ya feel good all over!

Thanks for being part of the party!

XoXo~ TawnyKay